Monday, March 25, 2013

Froggatt Edge

Froggatt Edge, in Wharepapa, is the first major outdoor climbing venue I have had the opportunity to visit. On Friday, I took off with the Auckland University Rock and Alpine Club (AURAC) and we camped at a lake that was about halfway to Froggatt. We got up before dawn and the club started setting up topropes right as we arrived at the crag.

I was not disappointed. Froggatt is a collection of ignimbrite outcroppings that are left over from the great Taupo eruption that is situated in the middle of a cow pasture. Trees and grass and moss and lichens and all matter of green life grow all around the cliffs and (while detracting a little from the quality of the climbs in some places) create a stunning scenery that quickly ate through my camera battery, so I mostly have pictures of just the first day of climbing.

I got to know a lot of really cool people within the climbing club and I am looking forward to climbing with them as often as I can throughout the semester I am in New Zealand. Here are some photos:

Toby loves to watch people 

Leaders setting up the topropes

Me on belay with a buddy climbing

Neck and neck

Photo of the Day


Me starting a climb called "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter," a Froggatt classic

Making progress

Getting close to the top

A unique boulder climb

Trees and stuff
Time to pack up and go


  1. Great pics. Who is the climber between the rocks in the photo of the day?