Friday, April 5, 2013


A lot of photos here. Went down to visit a friend in Wellington on the overnight bus; a trip lasting 11 hours and spanning most of the north island. I arrived in Wellington in time to see the sun rise, though i lamentably don't have a good photo of that. Plenty of photos of the city and of the long ride back to Auckland, most of which was in daylight.

Cool Hillside

The widely renowned "Trippy Tree"

Interior, with random child

Sam enjoying the tree

Emerging from within 
Not a bad view from the tree

Hungry birds


City capitol ("The Hive")



Sam being dramatic

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins are different here 
back on the road after a fun 3 days

some familiat chains

the trip had many views to view

Is that the south island?

Gas prices (per liter)

Taupo is roughly a halfway point. Still a long way to go

mysterious orange box


the first half hour break

Cool goat from another rest stop

weird landscape near a giant dormant volcano


best shot I got of the mountain. it was cloudy

closeup of strata

Lake Taupo!

Lake Taupo is stocked with rainbow trout from California.

The sun goes down

It then became way too dark for any more pictures
and then I took a nap.

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