Thursday, March 7, 2013

Average Day

UFO in front of one of the University buildings where I have an Anthropology lecture

Cool Auditorium

'Mocha Tart' at student cafe on campus

After a day of lectures (Geology, Philosophy, and Anthropology) and a stop at the cafe, I caught up with the rock climbing club for my first outing with them as a new member. We went to Mt. Eden Quarry, which the kiwis have taken the flat space and used to make a sports park. We were on the smallest wall of the quarry, as most of the new club members are new to belaying (the process with the ropes that keeps the climber from hitting the ground). Fortunately, there were plenty of free ropes set up (the club has heaps of equipment) so me and some of the other more experienced climbers had the chance to try all the walls independently. In my excitement to climb NZ rock for the first time, I neglected to have someone take a photo of me climbing or do any self photos at all, so I only have a few pretty boring pictures to show of my day out.
Cool cemetery we passed over on a bridge on the way to Mt Eden
Small, but still pretty fun

Wrapping up after a good few hours climbing

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