Monday, May 27, 2013

Different (also kawakawa bay)

Translations from New Zealand words and phrases into common English:

sweet as: commonly similar to "alright" or "cool"
kiwis: people from New Zealand (the fruits are called "kiwifruits" here)
sorted: prepared/understood. ex:"Do we have drinks sorted for tonight? Sweet as."
capsicum: bell pepper
rock mellon: cantaloupe
paw-paw: papaya
college: high school
maths: math (they commonly say it as if it's plural for some crazy reason)
aluminium: aluminum (I'm in a geology class so I hear this a lot)
jandals: flip-flops
boot: the trunk of a car
togs: swimsuit
zed: that's what they call the letter Z (NZ is pronounced "en zed")
yeah, nah: yes (sometimes no)
chur (colloquial form of "chur, bur"): similar to "no problem" etymology: possibly a delineation of "sure bro"
couldn't be bothered: similar to "didn't feel like it," but more dismissive. variant: couldn't be fucked (meaning the same thing, but similar in style to "didn't give a fuck")

There are so many more. This list is just off the top of my head. Next post will have a list of things in NZ culture that are better than US culture! oooh!

pictures of stuff:

At the trailhead at midnight

So ready

2 hour night hike? let's do it

totally baller stick insect. poor camouflage skills, though

check that gear

majestic? yea.

closest I got to a real picture of climbing

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