Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bridging Cultures Program

For the first week after arriving in New Zealand, the 52 globalinks students from all over America (and one from Canada) stayed in Rotorua and did all kinds of different fun events.

Excuse this massive load of photos. A lot happened

Learning a traditional Maori Haka

I went down this hill

in this ball
 Took a little time to explore the park at night. This wasn't advised, because of the homeless people, but the few I crossed were friendly enough.
Kiwi playgrounds are all infinitely more fun than American ones.

turned the shutterspeed to a full second

Rotoura at night.

Getting geared up for Waitomo Caves

The entrance was a very small opening in the middle of the forest floor.

Blackwater Rafting
Glow-worm toxic sticky thread snares
glow worm constellations. pictures dont do justice
Rock formations n stuff

This guy
They introduced this dude as a possum, but I've seen possums and...

Scottish highland cattle.
We are buddies.

Maori in a fort

Maori swinging around a taiaha

River Rafting
small waterfall

big waterfall

nailed it

Natural hot springs (there was a shopping trolley at the bottom)

retired historical bath house


  1. Great photos. They tell a good story. This makes me happy. Thanks!!

  2. Very cool Carsen. Great pictures! -Amanda